Leadership Award 2023

On Sunday 26 February 2023 the Service Clubs Association of SA, held its Premier’s Community Service Awards with amazing array of great projects being completed by many wonderful service clubs in South Australia, all making a difference in our communities. Eight members of the Zonta Club of Adelaide attended this event. It was excellent to win the Youth Award for our Young Leaders Program.  Leadership training started in 2018 and will be continuing in 2023 with Adelaide High School and Mitcham Girls High School, to provide girls with the skills to gain leadership opportunities in the future. To date 40 students have completed the course. This program was superbly led by Raema Mahony, with support from not just the Awards Committee, but also a cross section of Zonta members.


An added accolade was that out of all the service award nominations in nine categories, this Leadership Program also won the Premier’s Distinction Award. Congratulations to Raema and all the club members who supported it.