As part of our international obligations we devote one third of our fundraising to international projects, which are generally established in conjunction with United Nations agencies.  The first international project was the Anne Frank Village in Germany where over one thousand refugees were  housed and rehabilitated.  Others include, a vocational and teacher training centre for Palestinian women in Ramallah on Jewish soil.  This was the first time in history that Moslem women were trained to be professional in the healing and teaching areas and this project continued for 14 years.  Other projects have concentrated on enabling women to earn an income through small revolving loans, the fight against female genital mutilation and literacy programs for women in Africa.  We have continued the fight against mother to child HIV transmission, supported the Liberia Fistula program and provided financial support to international projects that seek to reduce violence against women and girls.  The oldest and still ongoing Zonta project is the Amelia Earhart Scholarship.


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